Automotive LED Lighting Industry Awareness in China

Dec 02

China may be the global LED production hub of the world and a large number of Chinese manufacturers are selling LED lighting products to all around the world.

We’ve cooperated with couple of Chinese LED wholesalers and LED manufacturers,it is worth mentioning that there surely is a impressive company specializing in LED lighting solutions especially commercial LED indoor lighting located in Shenzhen, Guangdong China, their automotive LED light bulbs are not just known for excellent quality, price objective, but features fashionable new appreance and design, you can enter their website to find out more.

But remember a guideline, cheap price is impossibel to have high quality, high quality is impossible to be cheap price.

When you are looking for a new automotive led lighting supplier.First, you gotta very clear your eyes to recognize the true products or fake items. Always test sample before give stock order. There are plenty of impressive manufacturer in this market but also blended lots of little factories selling cheap and copied items. Like one of product we sourced, G7 LED headlight, while search this product on google, we are able to find some suppliers estimate a very low price, harl in comparison to our original supplier. But after screening their sample, we spot the zes led chips appear a little difference, after that we send it to our local Philips sub-corp for appraise, Philips reveal that this is fake ZES chip. True ZES LED is expensive, most of manufacturers will make them on led headlight bulbs with high quality electronic component and IC driver to make certain that this led headlight bulbs won’t be high defective during the warranty period. And the fake led headlight I bought with artificial ZES chip are possible made by Chinese LED factoires as well, I get worried the lifespan on LED headlight can be done to be around 12 months only. So, we have to pay attention, any carelessness will cause big loss on business.

If you liked this short article and you would like to acquire additional information about My cooperated manufacturers of automotive lighting in Guangzhou City for your reference, kindly go to our page. Second, It is advisable to go to visit their factory beofre place order. Recently, a growing number of personal SOHO worker approaching in China, they just rent a office, having a table and a computer, then begin his worldwide business. It is extremely harmful to cooperate with this type of organization espcially no gurantee on after-sale-service, the company onwer can’t turn off his company once he get a big order and enough revenue, no after sale provider. And he could open up a fresh company running new business, you merely can’t find him. So, it is necessary to select big factory or the business running this business for quite some time and having some status in this industry, they are realiable.

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